5 Reasons Your Family Member Would Benefit from a Home Stair Elevator

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Due to reduced muscle tone and decreased stability, some seniors find climbing stairs at home too challenging, often avoiding it altogether. This difficulty might lead many to consider relocating to a retirement community or downsizing to a single-story house. However, these options can be costly. Instead, installing a home stair elevator offers a practical solution, providing safe and easy access to all levels of their home.

Thankfully, installing a home stair elevator offers numerous advantages, detailed below, along with a prompt and affordable solution.


5 Advantages that your Home may Require a Home Stair Elevator Installation


Enhances Safety by Reducing Falls and Injuries


The most apparent advantage of a stairlift is that it makes using the stairs at Home safer. Since stairs are one of the most frequent places with a high risk of falling, using a motorized chair to move from floor to floor lowers the chance of harm at Home. When climbing or descending a staircase, one wrong step might cause a broken hip or leg or several other severe injuries.

Older adults use the stairs as a form of exercise. However, if your muscles have weakened and your movement has decreased, that might be harmful. However, having a home stair elevator allows you to exercise.

Seniors can work out safely in local gyms by walking on the treadmill, swimming in the pool, or riding stationary bikes. Going up and down the stairs is less safe than these solutions.


Fastest and Cheapest Aging Solution


If you cannot use the stairs at Home, a stair lift is the easiest and least expensive option. Selecting the best one will involve some study, just like any other purchase.

Nevertheless, if the staircase is straight, the lift can be installed a few days after the purchase; if the staircase is curved or has turned, it may take a few weeks. Because the rails for curved stair lifts must be specially made to meet the precise dimensions of the staircase’s bends and turns, they require a longer turnaround time for stair lift design. When comparing the price of a stair lift to the monthly cost of a senior living facility or moving to a single-level home, a stair lift is the most cost-effective option.


Allows for Age-in-Place Option


For the majority of seniors and older adults, being able to stay at Home is essential. Maximum seniors would rather remain in their homes than relocate to a senior living facility. If navigating stairs is your primary safety issue at Home, a stair lift gives you that choice.


Boost or Restore Independence


You might feel you’ve lost your independence if the stairs make using the two-story Home’s upper floor or basement impossible. You may need help from a friend or family member to climb or descend the stairs. You can reclaim your freedom and independence by installing a stair lift, which will give you a quick and safe way to get to your house’s upper level or basement.


Temporary Remedies for Injuries


Older adults purchase stair lifts, but they can also help people heal from an injury. Access to every house level will be possible with the home stair elevator installation while a lower-body injury heals. For people who require a lift elevator for a brief period, renting a stairlift is an excellent choice.


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Yorklift offers a variety of straight and curved stair lifts. We also provide stair lifts for outdoor staircases to guarantee that we have the perfect lift to satisfy your particular demands. Please give us a call to learn more about our home stair elevator and how to determine which type is best for your staircase. We would be pleased to help you.

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