Different Types of Stairlifts Designs Available in Dubai

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Written By Konvert Klicks

Several types of stairlifts designs are available in the market. However, they primarily fall into two broad categories: straight and curved. While straight stairlifts are more straightforward to install, curved ones require more customization.

Earlier, left-handed people faced challenges using stairlifts as the controls used to be on the right armrest. However, with the new-age designs, you can use these lifts regardless of whether you are left-handed.


Straight Seated Stairlifts:

If your house has a straight flight of stairs, straight-seated stairlifts are for you. These are the most common types of home stair elevator, as most houses have consecutive staircases. You can choose from either drop-down or fixed seats, depending on your convenience.

Seated stairlifts are the best solution if you have elderly or ailing people at home. They give them freedom of movement without requiring them to depend on anyone.

Straight stairlifts are easy to install. However, some staircases may have a curve at the top. In such a case, you can choose the ‘bridging platform’ for a seamless landing.

On the other hand, some of you have curved staircases. While this is not an issue, installation becomes trickier and more complicated. Depending on the staircase’s curve, it may require more time and effort.

Since installing seated stairlifts for straight staircases is pretty basic, it is the most affordable option. However, it can be expensive if you have a curved staircase. Installing stairlifts on curved stairs is complex and requires trained professionals.


Standing Stairlift: 

The standing stairlift design is a more modern alternative to traditional stairlifts. Previously, installing stairlifts in tiny houses with narrow staircases was challenging. However, thanks to standing stairlifts, it is now possible.

However, it is essential to remember that there must be enough headroom while installing a standing stairlift. Since the users will be standing atop the staircase, the space must accommodate a grown adult’s standing structure.

Standing stairlifts are ideal for narrow staircases and are a blessing if you have knee problems. Many older adults struggle to sit on a seated stairlift and prefer standing while moving upwards.

Even though users stand on these lifts, they do not need to worry about balance. The small ledge helps maintain their balance. Also, they get two armrests to hold on to while going upstairs.

While standing lifts are ideal for everybody, users with vertigo or dizziness should avoid standing stairlifts.


Outdoor Stairlift: 

Some people have outdoor staircases leading to a garden, porch, or backyard. Since they have difficulty climbing stairs, they prefer installing stair lifts on these outdoor staircases. These stair lifts are the same as the indoor ones, which means they can be seated or standing, depending on the user’s choice.


Installation of Stairlifts:

Many of you ask whether you can install the stairlifts themselves. The short answer is no. We do not recommend that our users do the installation themselves.

You must remember many things while installing stairlifts. No matter the stair lift design, installation involves:

  • Proper electrical connectivity.
  • Correct positioning of the device.
  • Thorough checking to ensure everything is working correctly.


The process requires trained professionals, which we have at York Lift for commercial and home elevator, lift, stair lifts, and dumbwaiter lift. 

On the other hand, you may damage the stairlift or hurt yourself while installing it, which we do not want.



Speaking with a professional when installing stairlifts in your house is essential. Stairlifts increase the functionality and aesthetics of your home, so choosing the right design is necessary.

Stairlifts help you and your loved ones move independently in your house, overcoming mobility issues. If you have wheelchair users or older adults who cannot climb a flight of stairs, you must install stairlifts for their ease.

At York Lift, we believe in a better lifestyle and that everyone has the right to enjoy life no matter their challenges. If you are a first-time user of stairlifts, feel free to talk to our experts. We patiently listen to all your queries and answers so you know you made the right decision.

Are you ready to purchase your first stairlift? Visit York Lift and check out our collection. Our experts will help you make a statement for your house.

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